Category: The Zodiacal Light and Gegenschein

Stormy Uganda

Watchig stars in Uganda is so dramatic. In one moment you are impressed by amazing dark sky with zodiacal light and Gegenschein, with Milky way or strong brightness of planet Venus, but just few minutes after a storm comes. But to see both of it – starry sky and far flashing – that worths a…
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Fireflies in Uganda

Venus like a brilliant

UPDATED VERSION to 7 April 2020: The current situation made me resurrect some old data and surprised how far the progress of processing techniques are. So proudly I can introduce you one of my best photographic moment from Uganda, back in November 2013, when bright Venus (now visible as evening star) positioned almost against the…
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Two colors of airglow

Green and red airglow

Milky way, galaxies, open clusters, California nebula, Gegenschein and two colors of airglow. Far source of light pollution is Tenerife with peak Pico de Teide. Canon 6D, Sigma 15 mm/f2.8@f3.5, ISO 10000, 53×15 s; 29th September 2013, Roque de Los Muchachos, La Palma, Canary islands.

Colors of La Palma starry sky

If you get lucky, you can be witnessed by somethin amazing. Like me on the summit of Roque de Los Muchachos, La Palma (Canary islands) on 29th September 2013. We had amazingly clear skies, so I could capture this breath taking view. You can see colors of leaving twilight on horizon, dark sky with structures…
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Perseid pathways.

Perseid pathways

Maximum of annual Perseid meteor shower of 2013. The fantastic view is captured from Ivan Dolac of Hvar, Croatia, where I was able to watch meteors every day without any clouds between 8th and 14th August. A mountains on the horizon are the highest ones of the island – Hum, Česminova and Sv. Nikola. Every…
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Gegenschein in Taurus

Here is detail of sky on 9th November 2012 from Conway beach, Australia. This amazing place offered me so many options fro shots. I decided for this – to catch bright Gegeinshein in Taurus constellation with star clusters Pleiades, Hyades, planet Jupiter and California nebula. Used Canon 550D, Samyang 24 mm/1.4, f2.8, ISO 1600, 44×16…
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