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The conquest of the Atacama desert

Well, when I was about leaving the La Silla Observatory on 23rd January 2015, I was naturally very sad. The place meant to me so much, I’d just simply fallen in love with that. But the life goes on and other destination supposed to be great too – Observatory Paranal. But it meant two things…
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La Silla Interstellar

The poster of the brand new (and for me amazing) Christopher Nolan’s movie Interstellar had impressed me as the movie itself. I was wondering if the mystic colors of the Universe is possible to capture without complicated equipment. Well, I guess it wasn’t that easy as creating the poster, but the result was worth for…
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A discussion with flashing

There’s no many places in the world, where you can be witness of so unique events in the time. But La Silla Observatory is surely one of them! Why? Well, look at the picture. I was just about trying to capture accidental green or blue flash during the sunset on 21st January 2015, when two…
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Colorful and wild La Silla sky

As Czech Photo Ambassador of European Southern Observatory, I had incredibly wonderful time under the La Silla Observatory sky on 19th/20th January 2015. This time it was far more interesting than I expected. The wonderful colors of airglow waves showed up in my camera immediately, as it was so strong this time. Capturing the beautiful…
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Comet Lovejoy at La Silla Observatory

The sky at Chilean Atacama desert is just incredible. And I was so lucky with visiting the La Silla observatory on 19th January 2015 – just right on time when the comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy was approaching close to the open star cluster Pleiades. The conditions were just amazing, so I didn’t have any problems…
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