Category: Atmospheric Phenomena, Airglow

Like in Martian wonderland

On this image, taken on 9 April 2016 before dawn, the Milky Way arches over ALMA observatory – the largest ground astronomical observatory in the world, located in Chilean Chajnantor Plateau in 5040m (over 16400ft) altitude. Sky should be deeply dark, considering the altitude, however due to atmopsheric airglow it is not so far. In…
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The Grand Prismatic World

Even if the human eyes are not enough sensitive for the colors in night nature, it doesn’t mean the colors are faded away. In this surrealistic scene, rounded pier lies on colorful landscape of the Yellowstone National Park, US. The vivid (in the picture mostly red-orange) colors are the result of microbial mats around the…
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The beautiful freezing view

When I woke up in deep night of 3rd March 2018 in my cottage, the world around seemed too bright through the windows because of the almost full Moon so I couldn’t fall sleep that easily. So I put some more wood in the stove to keep the pleasant warm inside while freezing weather outside…
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Enjoying the red-moon show

In the scene from the Lamai beach of Ko Samui island, Thailand, a few amazed people were gazing in the sky while special “supermoon” of January 31st, 2018, was turning into red. Story of this total lunar eclipse starts in the bottom half of the image, where the partially eclipsed Moon first time appeared among…
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The calm night over the Grand Teton

“Sit on the beach of Jackson Lake, enjoy the panoramatic view of the Grand Teton mountains… and the wonderful August night sky with the majestic Milky Way.” This was sound in my head, talking about one of my dreams while I was travelling across the US to see the total solar eclipse 2017. On 25…
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Airglow impact over the Yellowstone

Just five days after the American solar eclipse, I was witness of another spectacular astronomical phenomenon. While traveling in the Yellowstone National Park, the biggest challenge was to take a nice nightscape over the Grand Prismatic Spring. Well, it is not pretty safe as presence of dangerous black and grizzly bears is very common in…
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Touches of the Sun

Calm water of Seč reservoir partially reflects unusual scene of after-summer-solstice night by very early morning of 27th June 2017. Since the night never gets dark in the Czech republic around the solstice time, bluish tint of the scattered sunlight in higher atmosphere comes from the northern horizon, on the left. But not just this…
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