Category: Eclipses

The colors in the Earth’s shadow

The latest total lunar eclipse, on Jan. 31st, 2018, was really colorful. The full Moon spent about 76 minutes in the Earth’s shadow, allowing me some experiments focused on revealing the colors of scattered solar light on the lunar surface. I was lucky that for the totality was (almost) clear skies over Lamai beach, the…
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Enjoying the red-moon show

In the scene from the Lamai beach of Ko Samui island, Thailand, a few amazed people were gazing in the sky while special “supermoon” of January 31st, 2018, was turning into red. Story of this total lunar eclipse starts in the bottom half of the image, where the partially eclipsed Moon first time appeared among…
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The human sparkler, and bloody Moon

While capturing the total lunar eclipse 31st January, 2018, over the Ko Samui island, Thailand, I experienced it by wonderful traditional Thai fire show nearby. In fact, many people were pretty surprised by the “orange in the sky” as local news didn’t bring any information about that. So walking on on the Lamai beach with…
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The end of total eclipse

One of the most amazing experiences of year 2017 was – with no doubts – the total solar eclipse over USA. Here comes another portrait of this unusual celestial show, captured from Guernsey State Park, Wyoming, during the 2min 19sec long totality. In fact, it shows the ending of the show, when first light of…
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All eclipses of 2017

Four countries, four adventures, four unforgottable experiences. One of dreams of eclipse chaser’s is to see – or better to successfully photograph – all solar and lunar eclipses of one year. It is not easy so far, considering traveling possibilities and, of course, the weather conditions. And to me, this dream finally came true. The…
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All around the hidden sun

The date of 21 August, 2017, will be remembered by numerous people as the day of “Great American Eclipse“. As the spectacular total solar eclipse occured over many states of US, it was easily possible to find a good place to watch it in the clear skies. I was among the people with best luck…
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The anticrepuscular eclipse

Last night, on 7th August 2017, a spectacular celestial show appeared over ESO HQ Building in Garching, Germany. The full Moon was rising in the twilight colors while partially eclipsed by the Earth. Best moment occured just a minutes after the sunset when pretty significant anticrepuscular rays showed in the sky, converging in the antisolar…
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