Category: The Sun and Solar Phenomena

The Botswana partial eclipse

So far from the civilisation, just close to one small city called Ghanzi, I had amazing time at Dqae Qare San farm of Greg Laws. Thanks to the location just on the edge of large dry Kalahari desert, the weather was favorable to observe the partial solar eclipse in the morning hours of 13th September…
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A discussion with flashing

There’s no many places in the world, where you can be witness of so unique events in the time. But La Silla Observatory is surely one of them! Why? Well, look at the picture. I was just about trying to capture accidental green or blue flash during the sunset on 21st January 2015, when two…
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A postcard from Rarotonga sunset

Have you ever seen the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”? And do you remember how was captain Jack Sparrow saved from the underworld? Just jumped to the world after a green flash… Well, this is based on a real phenomenon, even if not visible every day. Actually, it’s very rare and you…
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The blue and green flash

How rare phenomenon! When the Sun on 7th June 2014 rised above the Pacific ocean from Hot Water Beach, New Zealand, I was able tu capture so amazing moment – a blue flash. Occasionally is possible to capture the green one caused by the atmospheric bending or refraction of sunlight. But to see (and capture)…
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Cone of silence

This is a comparsion of surrounding over and around the Jamyemonen Primary School of Pokwero, Uganda. I tried to preserve a natural colors and brightness as close as I saw it by my own eyes. “C2” means second contact, the beginning of total solar eclipse. During totality the horizon just took very strong yellow color…
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Three diamonds in the sky

A story about total solar eclipse on November 3rd, 2013. When the eclipse started (on left side of the image), there were two part of diamond ring, which was unusual (for me first time). It is caused by angle diameter of the Moon in this case of hybrid eclipse. The magnitude of coverage from Pakwero,…
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Two eclipses of Autumn 2013

Two eclipses of same lunar period. Lunar eclipse observed from Ustupky, Czech republic and the solar one from Pokwero, Uganda. Used Canon 6D, 1000/10; lunar eclipse: ISO 500, 6×1/400 s, stacked in Registax, 40% saturated; solar eclipse: ISO 250, 3×1/500 s.