Category: Celestial Conjunction

The Moon, Venus, Pleiades, and the Supernova

In late evening of 17 April, 2018, rare celestial conjunction occured over Garching bei München, Germany. The crescent Moon was followed by brilliant “evening-star” Venus, and star clusters Pleiades and Hyades. The phenomenon was even more unique as supernova appeared in the view. Well, not in the sky this time. The building you see in…
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The twilight planets

Just today, on 3rd March 2018, two twilight planets appeared in the sky just after the sunset. Brighter Venus was joined by Mercury. Both inner planets pretty quickly set just after I spotted them, but it was enough to capture this spontaneous multiexposure, showing their motion in the sky every 15 seconds over Leškova Hůrka…
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The galactic curtain over Paranal

Over the horizon of ESO Paranal Observatory platform, located in altitude of 2635 metres, the bright Moon 3 days after new-moon phase is close by Saturn (left up) and Mercury (more distant left bottom). Colors of dusk are still prominent but the zodiacal light visibly appears. The whole scene is horizontaly split bit by brightest…
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Jupiter and five moons

On the 7th May, 2017, the Jupiter-Moon conjuction occured in the sky. The maximum phase of the wonderful phenomenon was visible over Ústupky, the Czech Republic, at about 1:30 a.m. local time, May 8th, 2017, when the Jupiter was just about 1 degree south from lunar edge. Thin clouds appeared during the closest approach, producing…
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Moon & Mercury over the astronomical Jadran

On 29 Sept., 2016, a wonderful morning celestial meeting of Moon and Mercury appeared over Mali Lošinj, Croatia, with two small islands Kozjak (the big one in the center of image) and Sveti Petar island (partially visible on right) of northern Adriatic sea. The place is well known for historical Manora Observatory, founded in the…
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The calm planetary guardians

Like a calm guardians in the sky, there was the beautiful duo of Venus and Jupiter on 1st July 2015 in the sky. I was looking for the best spot on the beach of the Sec reservoir as the planets were slowly moving down to the western horizon. I couldn’t find anything what could be…
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The girl, planetary duo and the Noctilucent clouds

The “Noctilucent fever” around the north polar circle is underway and lot of people around the northern world are seeking the NLCs as much as they can. And I totally understand why. Freezing beauty of the NLCs with its electric blue tint and the “cobweb” structures is just incredible in every time of their sighting.…
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