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Perseid pathways.

Perseid pathways

Maximum of annual Perseid meteor shower of 2013. The fantastic view is captured from Ivan Dolac of Hvar, Croatia, where I was able to watch meteors every day without any clouds between 8th and 14th August. A mountains on the horizon are the highest ones of the island – Hum, Česminova and Sv. Nikola. Every…
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Green paradise

Milky way over Korcula island, Croatia, from Ivan Dolac, Hvar (10th August 2013). The green color of Jandran sea is caused by light from reastaurant behind me, which lighted on the bottom of the sea. But the Milky way was still so bright. Used Canon 6D, Samyang 24 mm, f4, ISO 6400, 30 s

Very sexy storm

Very sexy storm

A storm coming, stars moving. So sexy… Canon 6D, Canon 15 mm, f7, ISO 10 000, 27×30 s; 4th August 2013, Úpice, Czech republic.

Summer night

Summer night

A cottage in summer night. Canon 6D, Samyang 14 mm, f4, ISO 8000, 68×30 s; 8th July 2013, Ústupky, Czech republic.

The dark Coalsack rises

The dark coalsack rises

A magnificient moment, when the Milky way near southern sky pole rises up with Southern cross and dark nebula called Coalsack. Two Magellanic clouds make the moment so unique… Canon 450D, Samyang 14 mm, f4, ISO 1600, 79×30 s; 16th November 2012, Mulligan Hwy, Queensland, Australia.

Orion, the winter hunter

A single shot of Orion constellation above frozen Sec reservoir on 2nd March 2013. The winter has still its magic… Canon 6D, Samyang 24 mm, f4, ISO 5000, 15 s.

The beauty in darkness

Timelapse of 2012 sky phenomena: Moon haloes, Venus transit 2012, NLCs 15th June, airglow, Perseids, storms and total solar eclipse on 13th November. Locations: Seč reservoir, Czech republic (melting ice, Milky way, Venus-Jupiter conjunction, north pole, sunset with fishermen); Kunětická hora, Czech republic (Venus transit); Korčula island, Croatia (Milky way, skywatchers); Ondřejov observatory, Czech republic…
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