Category: The Milky Way and Nightscapes

Seeking the Southern cross

First time in Australia trip I saw the constellation Southern cross. Unfortunately just few minutes after came clouds. Used Canon 550D, Samyang 24 mm/1.4, f2.8, ISO 1600, 7×15 s; moonlit. Observed on Conway beach, Australia, on 9th/10th November 2012.

Magellanic clouds, meteor

Magellanic clouds and meteor in mystique night on 9th November 2012 on Conway beach, Australia. I was just standing like frozen stone and watching first time in my life to these two magnificent dwarf gallaxies. When I set up the equipment and started to make expositions, suddenly had fallen a bright meteor just a piece…
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Perseids 2012

Maximum of annual Perseid meteor shower 2012 from August 12th to 14th from Pancir, Sumava, Czech republic. Used Canon 550D, Samyang 8 mm, ISO 3200, f5.6, no darkframe, 30×25 s – stars, 19×25 s – meteors; processing: Petr Horálek, processing theory: Miloslav Druckmüller.

Orion supernova

On this freezing-winter scene from historical part of Ondrejov observatory, the hypothetical Orion supernova takes the central stage. The supernova is ending part of the bright star Betelgeuse‘s life when this red giant collapses inside, producing series of reactions leading to the type II supernova exposion. With its distance about 222 pc (720 ly) and…
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