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Perseids 2016 over picturesque Vrchteplá

Thirty years ago, in 1986, begun one of the most known Slovakian astronomical tradition called “Expedícia Perzeidy“. Over these years, more than 24 thousands of Perseids were scientifically recorded and reported to International Meteor Organisation. Last 20 years of this tradition, the (international) Perseids expedition is organzized by Púchov eko-astro club, Astronomy Club of Juraj…
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Greek legend over the Christian chapel

Human religion is so diverse. All around the world, you can find churches, monasteries, chapels, mosques… The Czech Republic is country of big percentage of atheism or undeclared religion, but along the history there were so many religion acts which led to changes of thinking of our ancestors and made them to build these sacred…
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Make a wish over the Králova Studňa!

What a wonderful night of 11-12 August, 2016! As the prediction for annual Perseid meteor shower promised unusually high activity due to Jupiter’s gravitational influence to the stream of the debris of comet Swift-Tuttle, I was looking for really good spot to enjoy it. So I decided to spend this time in relatively new Dark…
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The Perseid rain over the Kolonica Saddle

The annual meteor shower Perseid had absolute great conditions this year. New Moon occurred just day after the maximum as it was about 6:30 to 9:00 UTC on August 13th, 2015. Last time the “moonless Perseids” were in 2013 and the next time we will enjoy that in 2018. I took a risk for possible…
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Colorful and wild La Silla sky

As Czech Photo Ambassador of European Southern Observatory, I had incredibly wonderful time under the La Silla Observatory sky on 19th/20th January 2015. This time it was far more interesting than I expected. The wonderful colors of airglow waves showed up in my camera immediately, as it was so strong this time. Capturing the beautiful…
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Namibian Geminid night

From the notebook of Safra-go.cz… Everyone who watches the skies, knows about annual Geminid meteor shower. The best time for watching it is around 14th December due to Earth’s approaching throught the thickest stream of dust particles from 3200 Phaeton. Well, unfortunatelly in this time on the northern hemisphere comes on the winter time, so…
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Winter sky, comet Halley’s dust and meteor smoke above Roque Cinchado

As I moved to the Canary Islands, my goal was to spend some time in the amazing Teide national park in Tenerife during the peak of annual meteor shower Orionids. The particles causing “shooting stars” are originally from Halley’s comet, which was closest to the Sun in same year as I was born. So a…
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