Category: The Zodiacal Light and Gegenschein

The eclipse hour over Boa Vista

In this calm scene of Boa Vista Island (the Cape Verde) starry sky appears over Chavet beach and dunes close to the Atlantic ocean. Just very low over the horizon, the Milky Way “flows” like a sky river. You may notice several reddish regions, which are, in fact, one of the most notorious nebulae in…
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A ghostly glow over Beskids

The most significant side effect of harmful light pollition is definitely loosing dark night skies over our heads. Especially in the central Europe, Japan or eastern US the density of big aglomeration is so prominent that you have to travel truly far away to see something like this. Fortunately all around the world many enthusiasists,…
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Magical eclipse view over the Rhodes Island

What a wonderful time I spent in Rhodes Island, Greece! Enjoying 103 minutes of total lunar eclipse on 27th July, 2018 over cliff of one of most silent and beautiful island’s beach, I could see the dark-orange eclipsed Moon in Gegenschein, bright Mars in its great opposition, the Milky Way with Saturn “swamped” in it…
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Like in Martian wonderland

On this image, taken on 9 April 2016 before dawn, the Milky Way arches over ALMA observatory – the largest ground astronomical observatory in the world, located in Chilean Chajnantor Plateau in 5040m (over 16400ft) altitude. Sky should be deeply dark, considering the altitude, however due to atmopsheric airglow it is not so far. In…
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Zodiacal arc over La Silla

Over the valley of Atacama Desert, seen from ESO La Silla observatory on 16 November 2017, our Milky Way galaxy is going to set. From its bulge, a dim arc of zodiacal light takes a place in the dark Chilean sky with four more galaxies seen on this panoramatic picture. Two of them, the Magellanic…
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Cosmic flames over the Atacama Desert

Where do the red flames over the horizon come from? Well, let me explain it from beginning. While traveling on 18 November 2017 north to the ESO Paranal Observatory, where was planned reportage on 10th anniversary od Czech membership in ESO, I decided to sleepover far from the civilisation – just to feel the magical…
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The zodiacal light over the South Pacific

Using more sophisticated methods (see results from the La Silla Observatory), I was able to re-process my data of the all-night zodiacal light panorama over the Mangaia Island (the Cook Islands) in the end of August 2014. Used Canon 6D, Sigma 15 mm, f2.8, ISO 6400, panorama of 7 singular images, each 61×20 s, darkframes…
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