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Southern lunar eclipse

After nervous 680km long drive across the north island of New Zealand for some chances of good weather me and my sister Katerina almost incredibly succeded. We found a small field-road next to the main road to Takatiki, where the clouds miraculously dissipated just couple minutes after beginning of totality and we could be witnessed…
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Three diamonds in the sky

A story about total solar eclipse on November 3rd, 2013. When the eclipse started (on left side of the image), there were two part of diamond ring, which was unusual (for me first time). It is caused by angle diameter of the Moon in this case of hybrid eclipse. The magnitude of coverage from Pakwero,…
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Seeking the Southern cross

First time in Australia trip I saw the constellation Southern cross. Unfortunately just few minutes after came clouds. Used Canon 550D, Samyang 24 mm/1.4, f2.8, ISO 1600, 7×15 s; moonlit. Observed on Conway beach, Australia, on 9th/10th November 2012.