Distant High Tatras in dusk

Vysoké Tatry z Prešova - popis
Distant High Tatras in dusk

Distant High Tatras in dusk

Distant High Tatras in dusk - annotated

Distant High Tatras in dusk – annotated

On September 11th, 2019, I visited eastern Slovakia. It was pretty clear enough to see very distant mountains, so I decided to reach a small summit Straz (altitude 697 meters) and was surprised and awarded by such a beautiful view to Slovakian legendary High Tatras mountains. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me (it was spontaneous walk during a free time after job) and only cellphone iPhone 6S with 10×50 binoculars was my gear. So I tried to do almost impossible work: Took single shots through the binoculars in my shaking hands and then stitched in the panorama shot. Well, not easy work so far (especially with uneven illumination of the each field), but eventually the result made me happy enough to publish this view. Since the mountains are very pupular, I also identified the major summits there, including Lomnicky Peak (Lomnicky stit), where the highest located observatory in Slovakia can be visited. The image shows Hight Tatras panorama from distance over 80 km (most distant peak in the view is 114 km far away). Such a great conditions occur only few times per year!

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