The calm night over the Grand Teton

The calm night over Grand Teton

“Sit on the beach of Jackson Lake, enjoy the panoramatic view of the Grand Teton mountains… and the wonderful August night sky with the majestic Milky Way.” This was sound in my head, talking about one of my dreams while I was travelling across the US to see the total solar eclipse 2017. On 25 August, 2017, just 4 days after the eclipse I finally got to the place. But weather was against me as a thunderstorm changed all beatuful views in grey that evening. Fortunately, just two hours after (and only for an hour) the skies cleared up and the dreamt moment came. As I stood in campsite close to the shore, I moved quickly to the lake and this was the view I was dreaming about. So I just sat and enjoyed the romance, the calm night over Grand Teton… Used Canon 6D Baader IR modified, Samyang 24 mm, f2.0, ISO 10000, 32×15 seconds panorama from tripod.