Resting VLT, airglow “ribs” and mysterious Red Sprites

Resting VLT and airglow "ribs"

Resting VLT and airglow “ribs”

Would you imagine, how many pictures of the sky can you produce from one-week trip at La Silla and Paranal observatory? Well, after long silence I took a look at the data from my January trip and found out I still have lot of to do. So here we go, this is another result. It shows majestic Milky Way over the resting VLT dome of the Paranal observatory, as it was resting due to clouds. Actually, besides the beautiful sky and many emmision nebulae, there is something special. Take a closer look right from the dome and you will see unusual structures of the green airlow, seemed like a ribs. The shape of those gravity waves were caused by vertical atmospheric streams as over the Andes the clouds continued hudreds of kilometres to the Argentina as very strong thunderstorm. Same thunderstorms produced also the naked-eye-visible Red Sprites as shown on my pictures on ESO site and following. Well, really wild night… Captured on 27th January 2015, used Canon 6D IR Baader Modified, Samyang 24 mm, f2.0, ISO 8000, ISO 52x15s stereographic panorama.

Check out more in video: ESOcast about Red sprites
(produced by by European Southern Observatory)

Red Sprites on 27th January 2015, Paranal Observatory