The auroral impact over Torshavn

Touch the aurora!

Touch the aurora!

… and the dream came true. On 17th March 2015 the geomagnetic storm appeared to be the strongest in the current solar cycle (2009 – 2020) and produced absolutely incredible sky show. For me, in Torshavn of Faroe Islands, Denmark, it was amazing surprise just a few days before not so lucky total solar eclipse. Unlike the eclipse the view to the aurora was – at least for the 15 minutes – absolutely clear and I had great opportunity to watch it from the upper deck of the Norröna ship in the port of Torshavn. The aurora was so bright to see it easily even above the strong light pollution from the city. So many changes, so many structures, such a beautiful dynamic show. I hope this wasn’t the last time in my life I saw something like that. Otherwise, those few minutes I will keep in my heart forever… Used Canon 6D Baader Mod, Samyang 15 mm, f 2.8, ISO 1250 and 10s exposures.

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The auroral impact over Torshavn Like in fairytale… Auroral painting in the sky Colorful waves of the aurora

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