Category: Atmospheric Phenomena, Airglow

Planetary Beacon over Atacama Desert

Planetary Beacon over the Atacama Desert

Immersive Milky Way sets over mountainous Atacama Desert. Bright light over the horizon is NOT a car but planet Jupiter! Captured in ephemeral moment over horizon, it looks like a flash of a beacon. Actually, it sets between two hills, both occupied by domes of telescopes–ESO Paranal Observatory (on left) and ESO VISTA Observatory (right).…
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Sky of Lyrids

Drops of Lyrids

Five sleepless nights, lots of struggles with Starlink satellites and the light pollution, but weather permitting season between 19 and 24 April, 2020 (after decades here!) with New Moon phase finally allowed me to enjoy this not so known annual meteor shower of Lyrids, caused by debris of comet C/1861 G1 (Thatcher). Enjoy this multiexposure,…
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Zodiac path from north to south

Two hemispheres sky

Two photographers, two hemispheres, one sky. The view to the night sky is limited by our Earth, meaning in one time at one place we can only see a half of the starry spheric view, the second one is below the horizon. But what if – apart from travelling away from Earth – there is…
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Can you see the Milky Way's shadow?

Shadows cast by the Milky Way?

There are some sensations about dark sky places around the the world. In this peacefully looking wide-angle panoramatic shot of the Milky Way over the Atacama Desert, Chile, one of them can be pretty easily seen. While stargazing, the man in the bottom part (me) leans on a car in the middle of (almost nowhere)…
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Reaching the Mugecuo lake

Gems of Chinese nightscapes

In period 22nd October to 3st November 2019 I spent beautiful time in China, enjoying especially night moments under (mostly) perfectly dark skies with great photographer Jeff Dai. Visiting some spectacular places in Sichuan province with a luck for weather, I was able to record a few special views of this amazing piece of the…
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Magical night over Brusnik

Magical night over Brusnik

Back in September this year, I was sailing Adriatic Sea with group of friend around Croatian Hvar, Korčula and Lastovo islands. The whole trip was truly unforgottable, however, my heart during this trip fell in love with a small island Brusnik. In the sea, seemingly nowhere, that when the night came, you were literally surrounded…
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On the edge of ELT "crater"

Amazing views from Armazones

In this view over Atacama Desert (image above), there is so much to see. The arch of majestic Milky Way is accompanied with two largest planets of the Solar System – Jupiter (brightest object) and Saturn (fainter, left way under the Milky Way’s bulge). Whole sky is covered by structured airglow of hydroxyl emission, coming…
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