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On the edge of ELT "crater"

Amazing views from Armazones

In this view over Atacama Desert (image above), there is so much to see. The arch of majestic Milky Way is accompanied with two largest planets of the Solar System – Jupiter (brightest object) and Saturn (fainter, left way under the Milky Way’s bulge). Whole sky is covered by structured airglow of hydroxyl emission, coming…
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Vysoké Tatry z Prešova - popis

Distant High Tatras in dusk

On September 11th, 2019, I visited eastern Slovakia. It was pretty clear enough to see very distant mountains, so I decided to reach a small summit Straz (altitude 697 meters) and was surprised and awarded by such a beautiful view to Slovakian legendary High Tatras mountains. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me (it…
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Beautiful NLCs display over Proseč

The year 2019 is obviously the best in decades to see and enjoy electric blue Noctilucent Clouds all around the world. Seems most of all it is influented by low solar activity but also by meteor dust seeding the upper atmosphere. NLCs are now observable from mid to (even) low latitudes around Asia, Europe and…
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Gems of Soneva Fushi sky

Deeply among the Maldivean islands you can reach small one called Soneva Fushi. And it is truly beautiful and peaceful place to stay. From all possible activities I liked the most gazing the night skies. As the island is not much influented by harmful light pollution and equator is not far away, you can see…
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In the deserts of Boa Vista

There are many places we really should care about and one of them is definitelly Boa Vista Island, the Cape Verde. Beaches with golden sand, almost untouched by humans, white deserts with dunes form Sahara sand, shipwrecks, nice and polite locals… All of that you can find here. Well, unfortunately there is also dark side…
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Springtime on sight over Hotel Jezerka

Back in Ústupky-Seč, Czech Republic, and finally with clear skies over my head. The springtime is best for gazing the Orion constellation and Zodiacal light after sunset from here. And this is exactly what you see on this panoramatic picture from 27 February, 2019. I am staring in the brilliantly clear night skies with majestic…
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61 minutes of planet Mercury

On Sunday 24 February, 2019, the weather was so perfect over Garching, Germany, that I could easily track Mercury from its first appearance over ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre in dusk sky (18:22 CET) until it reached the horizon (19:23 CET). It is not easy to catch Mercury in the sky, especially from city.…
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