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Comet in Morning Glare

30th July 2020 Comet NEOWISE, unfortunately, flies definitely away from us. Meaning its brightness rapidly drops down and its visibility is below naked eye threshold. But still, it is beautiful in telescopes. Bright “head”, greenish in camera, followed by both tails, can be seen even along with some dim galaxies in Coma Berenices (Hairs of…
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Intensive NLCs over the Seč lake

Intensive NLC display over Czech Republic!

When someone says or you hear “Noctilucent clouds over the Czech Republic”, you barely expect something like this. Just one big WOW! This NLC display on 21st June, 2019, late night, overcame all my experiences of last 11 years of NLC observation from the Czech Republic (central Europe, 50 deg. north)! They became visible just…
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Beautiful NLCs display over Proseč

The year 2019 is obviously the best in decades to see and enjoy electric blue Noctilucent Clouds all around the world. Seems most of all it is influented by low solar activity but also by meteor dust seeding the upper atmosphere. NLCs are now observable from mid to (even) low latitudes around Asia, Europe and…
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Enjoying the Noctilucent romance

What a wonderful view last night, 24th June 2017! The sky was not clear, so the tropospheric clouds firstly disrupted the observation of the Noctilucent clouds over the Seč reservoir, Czech Republic. But then, however – while dissipating – it made a spectacular colorful sky show with brightening NLCs far over the horizon! Really romantic…
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Pre-solstice Noctilucent clouds surprise

What a wonderful surprise in the morning 20 June 2017! When alerted the temperature in the mesosphere is higher than needed for Noctilucent clouds apearance, the hope to see the phenomenon in the Czech Republic was almost on a zero. But just days before the northern summer solstice the temperature went down and NLCs developed…
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Cloudy dusk for fisherman

What do you think – did the fisherman really catch something in the moment? Well, this will remain as a bit mystery, but what is sure for 100 percents is that he had completely spectacular view to the Noctilucent clouds over the Seč reservoir on 18 June 2016. The sky was full of diverse species…
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The noctilucent night

As the ongoing season of the Noctilucent clouds 2015 slowly comes to its maximum, I could finally enjoy one of the most wonderful night with this phenomenon over the Seč reservoir. It was 10/11 July 2015, very hot summer night, when I noticed the first structures of NLCs over the northern horizon. The structures were…
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