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All around the hidden sun

The date of 21 August, 2017, will be remembered by numerous people as the day of “Great American Eclipse“. As the spectacular total solar eclipse occured over many states of US, it was easily possible to find a good place to watch it in the clear skies. I was among the people with best luck…
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The Lichnice sunset

The solstice sunset over Lichnice

Every year around the summer solstice, the Sun sets over the old Lichnice castle-ruins when viewed from the Seč city. UNESCO’s Lichnice was constructed as in the first half of the 13th century. It was first mentioned in 1261, when it was in possession of Smil of Ronow, who called himself Smil of Lichtenburg and…
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Spotting the Mercury in front of the Sun

On Monday May 9th, 2016, the planet Mercury appeared in fron of the Sun. The rare phenomenon was wordly expected and so many talented photographers decided to take a chance for the best shot. And they were really successful. I didn’t have that huge ambitions cause I wanted to enjoy it visually the most, same…
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Cloudy solar eclipse… Revealed

Since the total solar eclipse on 9 March 2016 was disturbed by clouds over Maba village of Halmahera island, I was so happy of the visual experience so far. But somehow I managed even to get some data to a deeper mathematical post-processing, which I learned from prof. Druckmüller. It really took a while, but…
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Breath taking diamond ring!

The worldly expected solar eclipse on 9th March 2016 was disturbed by tiny clouds in Maba of Halmahera Island. Half an hour before the totality was even heavy rain. But even if the view wasn’t as clear as everybody wanted at the place, eventually we were witnesses of spectacular show anyway. The phenomenon took my…
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Green flashing postcard from Paranal

It’s 26th January, 2015, and the Sun was slowly setting down over the cloudy horizon over the Atacama desert. Well, not that slowly to prepare the equipment, thus I only stood in front of the La Residencia of the Paranal Observatory and from my hand tried to capture the last moments of the Sun’s good-bye…
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Magical Quivertree forest moment

As I am not the daytime photographer, I usually just enjoy natural moments before the night finally comes. But sometimes the circumstances just make an opportunity to make interesting shot anyway. Such as in this case. The sunset over the Quivertree forest of Namibia, on 29th September 2015, was of those unique moments. While walking…
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