Quiet Perseids


A night during the perseid shower, lots of stars above, astronomers on the ground and… bad luck! Yes, meteor showers are always nice to look at, but bad luck is bad luck. I made so many images, hundreds of them, yet during all of the clear nights, I only got two nice meteors. Among the objects on the image are the Lagoon nebula, the Trifid nebula, the Omega nebula, the Eagle nebula, the North American nebula, the Sagittarius Star Cloud and the Andromeda galaxy.

Taken on 14th August 2017, Canon 6D unmod., Sigma 24-70mm @ 24mm, 30x15s panorama from tripod, ISO8000, f2.8

Vrchteplá, Slovakia

Author: Matúš Motlo

I'm an amateur astronomer from AKJB.