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On this page you can find links to play my short movies. Here are mostly records from astronomical events or popularization movies. The movies are in WMV format (in quality from 256K to 512K) or in Youtube format. It could be loaded slowly.

"Total lunar eclipse on 15th June, 2011" (July 2011, duration: 3 min. 14 sec.)

Total lunar eclipse on 15th June 2011 recorded nearby village Strání in White Carphatians. During this unique eclipse the moon passed by the center of the Earth's shadow and occured the 5th longest lunar eclipse of the century.

"Black Sun in Dragon's country and on The roof of the world" (August 2009, duration: 5 min. 36 sec.)

Total solar eclipse on July 22nd, 2009 in Baraka style. Dark Sun from Country of dragon and Roof of the world. Science versus Buddhism. You can see Qomolangma (aka Mt. Everest), prayers in Lhasa, Great wall, Terracotta army and solar eclipse from Hangzhou. Corona during eclipse is made by mathematic process of digital pictures by prof. Miloslav Druckmüller. Video was made during VI. expedition SAROS.

"IYA 2009 in Pardubice - trailer" (January 2009, duration: 1 min. 9 sec.)

Trailer to International Year of astronomy 2009 in Pardubice.

"Venus occultation in December 2008" (November 2008, duration: 3 min. 47 sec.)

Short documentary film about Venus occultation in December 2008, which I made in cooperation with Brno observatory.

"Mysterious eclipses" - trailer (September 2008, duration: 1 min. 12 sec.)

Trailer of movie "Mysterios eclipses", which I made specially for oportunity of Internaional year of astronomy 2009 (IYA 2009) for Pardubice public observatory.

"Walking over a red world" (August 2008, duration: 2 min. 4 sec.)

Short videorecord of partial lunar eclipse in 16th August 2008, which I observed to north of Lipno reservoir (in Czech republic). Music is from Vangelis and Enigma.

"Total solar eclipse in Russia" (August 2008, duration: 7 min. 14 sec.)

Record from observing of total solar eclipse in Novosibirsk (Russia; Aug. 1, 2008). I pushed for describe an amzing atmosphere around me with music from Enigma.

"Moon shadowgame" (February 2008, duration: 4 min. 14 sec.)

Short movie in Baraka style, which shows lunar month in February 2008, which ended by beautiful lunar eclipse. Music is from Enigma (eclipse was observed in Slovakia).

"From expedition in Turkey" (January 2008, duration: 5 min. 9 sec.)

New short movie from expedition in Turkey to see total solar eclipse in March 2006. Corona is made by Miloslav Druckmüller (who won with his image of total eclipse 2006 a prize "Astrophotographer of the year"). This movie is prepaired for a bigger movie "Mysterious eclipses".

"Comet of a century" (March 2007, duration: 38 min.)

A documentary movie about comet C/2006 P1 McNaught, which was the brightness comet after 41 years (in year 2007). It was visible even in broad daylight with naked eyes. A guider in the movie is Adela Srutova, commentary reads Eva Zeniskova. Film premiere was on 2nd March 2007 (Pardubice observatory) and 3rd March 2007 (Hradec Kralove observatory).

"Memories" (September 2006, duration: 65 min. 40 sec.)

Relaxing-psychological movie in Baraka style based on asociation of human memories and notions. After a long and everyday morning begins the most beautiful memories ... Film premiere was on 29th September 2006 (Pardubice observatory).

"Turkey in light and shadow" (May 2006, duration: 50 min. 52 sec.)

Travelogue and documentary movie from expedition in Turkey to see a total solar eclipse in March 29, 2006. Film premiere was on 6th May 2006 (Hradec Kralove observatory).

"Penumbral eclipse" (March 2006, duration: 1 min. 7 sec.)

Short videorecord of penumbral lunar eclipse in March 15, 2006. Music is from Vanessa Mae.

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