My observations

My specialization is drawing planets and especially comets (or other objects, which are visible by middle-sized telescopes without CCD camera). I also make visual observations of comets (estimating of brightness of comets and estimating of diameter of coma especially). Results (in ICQ format) of these observations I send to SMPH (- in english Society for interplanetary material), from where my observations are sent to International Comet Quarterly (ICQ). Here is explanation of observation report, which you can see with every drawing.

My observational telescopes

I started to observe the sky around year 1997 by 8x30 binoculars from my granpa. After entry at Pardubice observatory in 1998 I enjoyed many phenomena and objects by local big telescopes - Cassegrainian 420/5600 mm and refractor 135/2200 mm. In 1999 my parents bought me my the first own astronomical telescope - Newtonian 76/700 mm on paralactic mount.

Thi big break in my life came in 2003, when I was given by Dobsonian 250/1250 mm made by Jiri Drbohlav. In that time opened to me the wide world of faint objects and amazing sceneries of special astronomical events. I had enjoyed this telescope for six years, to 2007. In the year I got a driving licence and I found out the telescope is too big to take it by my small car. Meantime, Pardubice observatory upgraded the main telescope to Cassegrainian 450/6750 mm.

Jiri Drbohlav jr. in that time started to construct new type of truss designed Dobsonian telescopes. After years of decisions I finally let him construct me Dobsonian 350/1750 mm of this type. I observe with it now. I also have two better binoculars 10x50 and 11x70.

Drawings of objects in the solar system

Drawings of comets

Drawings of Deep - sky objects

Records from spacial sky phenomena

Atmospherical phenomena

What I couldn't insert anywhere

Observations of meteor showers (IMO format)

Observations of comets (ICQ format)

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