About me

I was born in czech city Pardubice in 1986. After graduate of Bechelor’s study of Theoretical physics and Astrophysics at Masaryk University in Brno I started to work in Astronomical institute of Academy of Sciences in Ondrejov until 2012. Then I worked in Úpice observatory (until April 2014). Then, until January 2015, I traveled the world and tried to improve myself in the astro-photogtraphy. Now I am back in the Czech Republic and try to continue in what I’ve learnt in the traveling season. In my free time I would like to travel more, especially for the solar and lunar eclipses. With the photography, my biggest hobbies are also fishing, hiking, drawing or writing. The nature is, of course, my life and amazing inspiration. More you can find also on my general pages. Besides many honor mentions and awards, the greatest honor for me was naming the asteroid 6822 Horálek after me. The discovery of this asteroid was made by Zdena Vávrová in 1986 from Kleť observatory.

„The life isn’t about time, when you breath, but about the moments, which take your breath away…“