Fulldome UHD images

Here you can find previews of my fulldome ultra-HD images, which can be used in fulldome planetariums for the fulldome projections and broadcasts. All images are available in more than 14×14 thousands pixels and customized to fulldome projection. If you are interested in any of these images to your project, please, don’t hasitate to contact me for more information and the terms of use. Also visit special page with UHD fulldome images from ESO.

Perseid meteor shower 2018
(Kolonica, Slovakia)
Geminid meteor shower 2018
(Ustupky, Czech Republic)

Namibian skies with lunar eclipse
(Sesriem, Namibia)
Under the galaxy in Botswana
(in the Dqae Qare Farm)

Do you believe in paradise?
(Rarotonga, the Cook Islands)
The colors of Pacific sky
(Rarotonga, the Cook Islands)

Mangaia: The window to the Universe
(Mangaia, the Cook Islands)
Aitutaki airglowed sky
(Aitutaki, the Cook Islands)

Above the famous lagoon
(Aitutaki, the Cook Islands)
Testing the BOOTES dome
(Lauder, New Zealand)

Aurora, the LIDAR and the Universe
(Lauder, New Zealand)
Thy sky portal is ready
(Lauder, New Zealand)

Above the National park Teide
(Tenerife, the Canary Islands)
Calm Geminid night
(Tsumkwe, Namibia)

The sky above bushmen village
(Tsumkwe, Namibia)
Above the sleeping rhinos
(Khama Rhino, Botswana)

In the deep Atacama desert
(close to the Paranal Observatory)
Gegenschein over Beskids
(Beskids Dark Sky Reserve, Czech Republic)