Gems of Soneva Fushi sky

Deep among the Maldivean islands you can reach small one called Soneva Fushi. And it is truly beautiful and peaceful place to stay. From all possible activities I liked the most gazing the night skies. As the island is not much influented by harmful light pollution and equator is not far away, you can see mst beautiful parts of the sky, such as the center of the Milky Way and many more. For the following images, Canon 6D IR Baader modified and Samyang 12mm, 14mm, 24mm and Sigma 50mm were used. Enjoy some views over this magical place. Credit of the images: P. Horálek, L.L Christensen / Soneva Fushi.

Jupiter rises…

In following view, the Milky Way arches over crystal clear lagoon while bluish tint apears even in the sky as sight of coming dawn. Also the zodiacal light and four planets can be seen – bright Jupiter close to the Milky Way bulge, faniter Saturn under it and Venus-Mercury duo low over the horizon. Just a piece of natural beauty…

Dawn in the Paradise

Have you ever been experienced by outside cinema under the stars? Well, that is one of the tops you can enjoy on Soneva Fushi Island. On this view the Milky Way with bright Jupiter rise above large screen, on which a movie is projected. Some of late night movie fans enjoy Oliver Stone’s JFK with Kevin Costner portaying attorney Jim Garrison.

Soneva cinema under the Milky Way

Once you get on Soneva Fushi island, you don’t need anything special to discover it. The whole island is roughly 1.5 km long so everywhere you can get just by walking or driving a bike you get as a host. This gave me such appreciable freedom that I could easily look for great spots for stargazing. Not everywhere around the island was the view perfect and beaches available, especially during high tides. But this place touched me the most. It was just an hour before dawn when I reached the Dolphin’s beach on south east. Even if the high tide peaked and didn’t allow me to get further from the woody shore, the view itself was everything. Milky Way arching across the sky while bright Venus rose up behind distant clouds with occasional lightning over the horizon.

When you find it

View from bath: Enjoy the virtual reality…

Imagine you have huge private outside bathroom in the tropical night next to a shallow pool, from which high palm trees touch the starry sky with the center of the Milky Way above your heads. Nope, not just imagination, but another fascinating faciliy of Soneva Fushi island.