The location of the Honduran fireball

    of Nov 22, 1996

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western Central America The overall view of western Central America with the fireball position roughly indicated is given on the right.

The map below provides a more precise plot of the most probable ground projection of the fireball trajectory. The beginning of the trajectory is at the altitude of 70 km, the end is 11 km above the surface. The slope was about 19 degrees to the horizontal. The most probable location of the largest meteorites is indicated by the violet spot. For more details see the report .

Indicated on the map are also the hills Cerro Negro and Cerro Azul, where large landslides occurred probably the same week when the fireball appeared. In El Progreso a stone fell from the sky the afternoon before the fireball. None of these events was, however, connected with the fireball.

map of the fireball trajectory

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